Applying at Alewijnse

Engineering is your passion. You see the opportunities in innovation and get the best out of yourself. You want to work in a motivated and professional team, seeking the best solution for the customer. And you would like to do all that in an environment that challenges you. That inspires you and allows you to grow.

Do you recognise yourself in this? Then check our vacancies and apply if you think that you are the candidate for one of the positions. Alewijnse would love to meet you.

Transparent and efficient

Applying at Alewijnse is transparent and efficient. If you apply online, you will receive a confirmation immediately. Your information will also immediately be directed to the colleagues who evaluate your application. We try to give you a substantive response within one week. If your profile and CV match the job description, we will invite you for a first interview.

First interview

The first interview is usually handled by the hiring manager of the team which has the vacancy. You will also get to meet a colleague who is especially knowledgeable on the content of the position. During the first interview you will be asked a lot of questions. Your CV will be discussed, as well as your motivation and personal ambitions. Of course, we realise that you would also like to get to know us better. Therefore, you will get plenty of time to ask us anything you want to know.

Second interview

Do we think there are sufficient grounds for cooperation? And is this also true for you? Then a second interview will follow. This will be conducted by a colleague from your future team. Another line manager or HR colleague will also be present. During the second interview we will get to know each other further. We would also like to see your original diplomas and an identity document.

Employment conditions

If both parties are still enthusiastic after the interviews, we will discuss the employment conditions next. You will receive an appropriate salary proposal and we will discuss the benefits. We will also inform you on our company code, which ensures the integrity at Alewijnse. After discussing the employment conditions we hope to welcome you as our new colleague.


For some positions we find an external expert opinion important. If this is the case, an independent assessment bureau will test your capabilities and personality. You may also need to participate in role plays. You will be informed of the result of the assessment within a few working days. Is this result positive as well? Then nothing is standing in the way of a career at Alewijnse.

Alewijnse Introduction Day

We will gladly help you to get off to a flying start within our organisation. This includes an introduction day. You will get an even better picture of our organisation and get to know Alewijnse as an energetic employer. An innovative company, of which we would like to make you part.

Would you like to know more?

Would you like more information about our application process? Do you have any questions about applying at Alewijnse or about our job openings? Please contact Corporate Recruitment at +31 (0)24 371 61 59.

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