The career of: Ilhan Birsen

“I feel very positive about my career at Alewijnse. I was able to increase my technical knowledge by working on large, challenging and advanced projects. Both nationally and internationally. With my dynamic, perfectionist and proactive approach, I’m trying to expand my horizons in the field of technology. And I’m also very dedicated to my work and to my colleagues.


I started at Alewijnse as a trainee. My Training College chose my traineeship company, and that’s what brought me to the former Alewijnse Tiel branch in 1998. After a two-month trial period, I was offered a permanent job. A year later, at my own request, I switched internally to Alewijnse Nijmegen Schepen (now called Alewijnse Marine Nijmegen). There I worked on many different projects. At the moment, I’m mainly involved in commissioning and coordinating mega-yachts.

Development opportunities inside Alewijnse

I’m currently working as a Commissioning Engineer. I’m technically responsible for making sure that the entire electrical system on board a ship is working properly. I find my work really challenging, interesting and exciting and I like being entrusted with so much responsibility. I owe my career partly to the countless opportunities that Alewijnse has given me. There are plenty of opportunities at Alewijnse to develop yourself into who you ultimately want to be. For example, in 2013 I followed a training course to become a design expert in low-voltage systems for the shipping sector.”

Ilhan Birsen (33) works as a Commissioning Engineer at Alewijnse Marine Nijmegen.