Marianne Hendriks, Sales Coördinator Alewijnse Marine Nijmegen.

The career of: Marianne Hendriks, Sales Coordinator

“After secondary school, I did a secretarial course at the vocational school for intermediate business studies. It was my dream to travel, so I studied tourism and then worked for a few years as a tour guide in Italy, Spain and the former Yugoslavia. When I came back to the Netherlands, I managed to get a job as an office manager and took a number of courses. The combination of business and administration really suited me. Then I took a higher vocational course in office management and I’m now busy with a management course. I like to keep growing and developing in different areas, and Alewijnse gives me the chance to do that.


In 1999, I started working as a department secretary at what was then called Alewijnse Nijmegen Ships B.V. The work was quite simple, but it was a good stepping-stone in the right direction. I kept developing and worked as an executive secretary, a commercial employee and ultimately a sales coordinator. I’m also a co-founder of the Marketing & Communication team at Alewijnse Marine Systems, and that’s still an important part of my work.


I’m now working as a sales coordinator. That means that I coordinate the tender procedures, from the customer’s request for tender to the moment we present our tender to the customer. I organise the kick-off meeting at the start of the procedure, plan calculation capacity, communicate with any other departments that can give us input, plan appointments for signing contracts, and make sure that we follow procedures and submit the tenders in accordance with the customer’s wishes. I help the business development managers in different ways (market information, meetings, commercial activities, customer events, customer satisfaction). As part of the Marketing & Communication team at Alewijnse Marine Systems I’m responsible for organising a number of international expos and drawing up press releases, articles and advertisements. I’m also active on social media on behalf of Alewijnse Marine Systems.

Personal development

I see myself working at Alewijnse for a long time. My ambitions? I’ve now been a supervisor for a year, and I still need to grow in that job and develop my skills even more. There’s still plenty of room for growth. Alewijnse is a company in which you can really develop yourself. It’s an internationally oriented company. That appeals to me and I feel very proud when yet another ship takes sails away with an Alewijnse system on board! Working together by combining forces, that’s what makes Alewijnse so strong."

Marianne Hendriks (46) is a Sales Coordinator at Alewijnse Marine Nijmegen.