Michel Hendriks, Lead Engineer at Alewijnse Industrial Automation

The career of: Michel Hendriks, Lead Engineer

“During my Electrical Engineering study, I did my dissertation at Alewijnse. Then they offered me a permanent position after the summer holiday. I got to know Alewijnse through my father, who also works here. Alewijnse and I agreed on an interesting and challenging development plan to help me realise my ambitions, so it wasn’t a difficult decision to come and work here.

Different jobs

I started as a Trainee and was able to try out different jobs over the next four years. For example, I started out as a service engineer in the field organisation. Then I gained experience with the different markets and I also spent time working on luxury yachts at Amels in Vlissingen. After that, I switched from the field organisation to the internal staff, where I worked in turn as a Planner, a Work Planner, a Service Coordinator, a Draughtsman and an Engineer. I really learned a lot in that time.


I'm currently working as a Lead Engineer. I manage a group of engineers/draughtsmen and supervise them on different projects. I’m currently working on three large projects for our customers Brabant Water (a construction project for the Vlierden production company, a new decarbonation plant and a renovation project for the Loosbroek production company) and Vitens (a construction project for the Vechterweerd production company).

Challenging and demanding

I find my work challenging, fun and demanding. It’s a huge challenge to keep the three projects on the right track, and it takes a lot of time and energy. It always gives me a great thrill when we deliver a project to the satisfaction of the customer.

Realising your ambitions

Alewijnse helps you to realise your ambitions. There are plenty of training and development openings in the company. Alewijnse gives you all kinds of opportunities and you have to grab them with both hands. And because there are so many large projects at Alewijnse, the work is always interesting and challenging.

Personal Development Plan

My personal ambition is to work as a Project Manager and Alewijnse has helped me to draw up a Personal Development Plan (POP). Among other things, we’re looking at my ambitions and the competencies I need to develop and/or improve.”

Michel Hendriks (28) is a Lead Engineer at Alewijnse Industrie