The workday of: Aurelia Anghel, Hardware Engineer

“I started working for Alewijnse immediately after finishing my studies in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, specialty: Automation. I started my current job as a Hardware Engineer in June 2013. Before this, I did calculation and drawing for a couple of years. At the moment I’m very much involved in designing functional drawings for several systems. I do this with the help of the lead engineer who continuously checks my work and gives feedback and also with the help of an E-plan specialist. So there is plenty of variation in my work.

Long hours

In the morning I get to the office I share with 3 colleagues. We all work on the same project. We communicate and help each other as much as possible. But also long hours you spend with your computer trying to get something working smoothly. I start my day with a coffee and then I check my email, organize my calendar and start with the tasks for that day. At 12.15 I have my lunch break. I go to the cafeteria and I have lunch with my other Romanian colleagues. If the weather is very nice, we go for a walk outside. At the end of the day I try to make an overview of what I did that day and think of how to go on the next day. Then at 16.45 I go home.


In our department there is a lot interaction between the colleagues. If I have a technical question regarding a certain system, I go ask some experienced engineer. Even if he is working on another project. I think being professional is important. Doing your work and doing it well. Not only execute but understand the process; try to find solutions and maybe new ways of doing things. For me personally the challenge is to be multifunctional in my work and to provide good output.

Good energy

The atmosphere in our department is rather relaxed. The colleagues are nice and polite, even when they have negative feedback. This gives me good energy. Most of them speak English very well, which is very important for foreigners. Alewijnse offers good working environment and possibilities to develop, for instance by following courses. It also arranges social insurance for disability and this sort of things.


Even though I can’t compare Alewijnse with another company - this being the only company I’ve been working for - this is actually the fact that makes it special for me. Alewijnse is special because it gives me the chance to work and learn, to move to The Netherlands and have a better life.”

Aurelia Anghel (29) is Hardware Engineer at Alewijnse Marine Nijmegen.