The working day of: Anouk Rolaff, Trainee

“As a trainee at Alewijnse Delft, I’m spending my first year working in different departments, including the Field Organisation, Engineering, Contract Management and Sales. Next year, I’ll focus on one of the departments so that I can learn all about it. Every working day is different, which makes my job really fun and interesting. My colleagues try to teach me as much as they can, but they also let me do things on my own.

Challenge on a technical level

My traineeship at Alewijnse is my first job. Before this, I studied Technical Business Studies full-time at the Haagse Hogeschool in Delft. Working at Alewijnse is challenging because during my Technical Business Studies training course I mainly focused on the Business Studies part. So now the technical part of this organisation is a real challenge. Alewijnse is a great employer because there are so many opportunities and everyone is open to new ideas. There’s a really open atmosphere: you can ask anything, they give you so much, and my colleagues are friendly and open-minded.

Pleasant atmosphere and lots of opportunities

It’s important to me to be able to develop myself in my work and to keep learning. In addition, a pleasant atmosphere and pleasant colleagues are also very important. The opportunities I’m being given here make Alewijnse very special indeed.”

Anouk Rolaff (22) is a Trainee at Alewijnse Delft