David Jilesen, inkoper bij Alewijnse Marine Nijmegen

The working day of: David Jilesen, Purchasing Manager

“As Purchasing Manager in Marine, no two days are the same. No project is the same and that’s something I have always liked about the system world. It’s really exciting to see how something is created and ultimately results in a great project, whether it involves a ship, a building or a satisfied customer.

Closely-knit team

I and my three colleagues are responsible for all purchase requests submitted by the engineers and work planners. We start the day with a quick round-up of business to be finished. We’re a closely-knit team with open communication lines and we look after each other. For example, we step in to help our colleagues whenever necessary. Every day, we process orders and work with deadlines that must never disrupt the project procedure. Purchasing is currently undergoing a professionalisation process as the purchasing power is being combined more and more throughout Alewijnse, together with the other Business Units.

Focal point

As a purchaser, you’re a focal point in the organisation and all of your colleagues are your customers. Considering the processes involved in the projects, you deal directly with the engineers, work planners and project managers. But you’re always at the centre the organisation, working with ICT to improve the automation process, with the Administration department to make sure the financial entries are dealt with properly, and from time to time with the Finance department to discuss budgets and results. And then together with Sales we check whether there are alternative and innovative products that we can use to stay ahead of the competition.
One of the functions of Purchasing should be to act as a sparring partner in the organisation in order to help improve conditions and lower the integral costs.

Enjoying your work

A good atmosphere at work is important to me. But also work satisfaction, getting results and being part of an organisation with great products and services. And that’s something I’m very proud of! Of course it’s a challenge to meet the specific requirements of the customer. That’s not always easy in the Marine sector and people sometimes have the strangest requests.

Highly-qualified personnel

What makes Alewijnse special for me is the open work atmosphere and the highly-qualified personnel. It’s a company with a great history − internationally oriented but still close to its customers. Alewijnse is well thought-of in the market as a ‘system integrator’ that thinks and acts in a problem-solving way, that develops sustainable applications, and that delivers high-quality products and services.

Alewijnse is … Alewijnse!”

David Jilesen (44) works as a Purchasing Manager at Alewijnse Marine Nijmegen