The working day of: Henk van Overbeek, Inspector

“My working day usually starts at 7 a.m., although I can choose to start earlier or later depending on which customer I’m visiting on a particular day. Among other things, I spend time at the office compiling reports of inspections, but I sometimes do that at home too. Any time there’s a malfunction it’s passed on to me and it’s my job to sort it out. I work together with service engineers, but also with the project managers and the Technology department, both at the office and in the field. Due to the diversity of my work, there’s no such thing as a standard working day for me.

Advisory role

I work as an inspector. This means that I perform NEN1010 and NEN3140 inspections. I also act as an advisor in these areas. As well as that, I work in Technical Management, where I do different jobs for our customers − from making small adjustments to repairing technical malfunctions.
I started working at Alewijnse in early 2013. Before that, I worked at various companies as an auxiliary service engineer and was then promoted to the position of Head Fitter. I only became interested in electrical engineering when I was 25. Before that, amongst other things I spent time in the army, which I joined after leaving secondary school.

Your opinion really counts

I enjoy the challenge at Alewijnse and I know I can really grow and develop as an inspector here. The work here is different to my previous jobs. You’re not just a number here, and your opinion and your contribution really count. The atmosphere at Alewijnse is open and professional, but also personal. They pay well and the fringe benefits are good. And I’m also very happy with the openness and honesty that I encountered here right from the start. People are always willing to help each other whenever it’s needed. The diversity of companies in Alewijnse also appeals to me. Every department has a part to play in making the company successful.”

Henk van Overbeek (51) works as an Inspector at Alewijnse Utrecht.