John Verstegen, Projectcoördinator bij Alewijnse International Switchboard Production (AISP).

The working day of: John Verstegen, Project Coordinator

“I work as a Project Coordinator at Alewijnse Switchboard Production. This is a job in the new Support Unit to be set up, which will develop over time. Amongst other things, the Support Unit is responsible for:

  • orders
  • inspecting drawings for usability and completeness
  • drawing up and monitoring the planning of the activities for production in switchboard construction

Optimal preparation

The Support Unit is responsible for optimal technical and organisational preparation in cooperation with Engineering and Production. It is responsible for the punctual availability of a proper drawing package, materials and equipment so that orders can be carried out efficiently. As you can imagine, we have many contacts, both internally and externally.

Lunch-hour walk

At 8 a.m. I start my day by checking my email, my agenda and my to-do list. My current task is to check that the components to be purchased for projects are correct. And today I’m also busy importing the purchasing procedures, which includes converting calculations/projects to advice/service orders to purchase orders. One of my daily rituals is the lunch-hour walk in the open air with colleagues from Engineering.

Face to face

During a working day, I’m in contact with colleagues from Engineering, Purchasing, Sales, Warehouse, the workplace, and production for switchboard construction, both face to face and on the phone. And soon also with suppliers and customers. I’m analytically and technically oriented. I like to focus on results and take on a controlling role. Working together with a team in an innovative, optimising, customer-oriented and project-based way – that’s something I really enjoy.

Dynamic and inviting

For me, Alewijnse is a dynamic technical company with great vision. And a great work atmosphere: open and inviting. We’re direct but respectful. It’s a very friendly and genuinely nice place to work.”

John Verstegen (54) works as Project Coordinator at Alewijnse International Switchboard Production (AISP).