The working day of: Maria Agache, Purchaser

"I have been working at Alewijnse as a purchaser for about a year and a half. My position in the company is challenging because every day I learn new things and I get in touch with new and interesting people. Also, I can communicate a lot, which is one of my strengths.


I’ve become a mechanical engineer after finishing the faculty of Engineering and Management in 2012. During college I had plenty of activities and also a few jobs. I believe that I have a very strong personality and I don’t settle for less; optimistic is my middle name.


I work in an office of Alewijnse Marine Galati along with ten other colleagues. The office is part of the electrical switchboards production. It’s a very good thing for me that I’m in touch with the production process and I can see the utility of the products that I purchase. Due to my position at Alewijnse, I have plenty of contact with co-workers and suppliers. That is also what I like most about my job.

Plan ahead

My working days are full and I try to organise and plan the day ahead. I check the confirmations of the orders I made days before and see what purchase orders have to arrive at the store that day. The end of the day is unforeseeable because every day brings new challenges. I really enjoy what I do at Alewijnse, I try to be successful in every situation or project I am in. Alewijnse is a capable and committed employer."

Maria Agache (25) works as a purchaser for Alewijnse Marine Galati.