The working day of: Martin Quirk, Service Engineer

“I start my average working day as a service engineer by picking up materials for whichever assignment I’m busy with. Almost all the assignments are for one person, so I often work alone. I only work together with one or more colleagues if I’m on a large project or the job is a difficult one. The jobs are generally quite short, so I usually finish them in a day.


As part of my work, I’m in contact with other service engineers and I talk to a lot of customers. I’m also often the point of contact for suppliers and subcontractors working on projects for Alewijnse. It feels good when the work is finished on time, the customer is satisfied and the company has earned some money. The result really matters to me.


For me, the challenge is the diversity of the jobs I do at Alewijnse. One day I’m repairing the lighting for a customer, and the next day I’m assembling office furniture. I also think it’s great to be working for an international company, although I don’t have much to do with that at the moment.”

Martin Quirk (44) is a Service Engineer at Alewijnse Utrecht.