The working day of: Ton Willemse, Planner

“I work as a Planner at Alewijnse. This means that I calculate the cost price of requests submitted by customers. I also write the proposals, generate the sales price and make sure that our proposals get to our customers on time. And I check that the calculations we use for regular customers are always up to date.


Every order is different, so there is plenty of variation between one order and another. I work with fixed deadlines, which means there’s always a certain amount of pressure to get the tender/proposal to the customer on time. This is a challenge that I enjoy and it makes my work really interesting.

Electrical engineering

My working day mainly consists of costing electrical engineering systems for shops. These systems run from the transformer or main connection to the wall socket where, for example, the vacuum cleaner is plugged in to clean the shop after closing time. All the electrical engineering in between must be included in the cost price so that a cost estimate can be submitted for the necessary work.


Every morning when I arrive at work in Zaltbommel, I start up my computer and pour myself a cup of coffee. Then I start calculating whichever order must be sent first. Before I start calculating, the order is transferred from the project manager if I myself did not take the order. I can then base my cost-price calculation on the information in the transfer documentation.

Young and old

It’s very important for me that I can do my job properly and that I have a good working relationship with my colleagues. At Alewijnse Retail, we have a good mix of young and old. Besides a great job, Alewijnse also offers people a wide range of career development opportunities. When you’re willing to work hard, anything is possible at Alewijnse. As an employer, Alewijnse really does a lot for its personnel."

Ton Willemse (24) works as a Planner at Alewijnse Retail.